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The World's Toughest 4x4 Body Armor!

The World's Toughest 4x4 Body Armor!

12 Apr 2022
Rhinohide Armor with Armor-Lock

We've had a relentless passion to make Rhinohide Armor the best possible 4x4 protection for vehicles, and we believe we've finally done it. After hundreds of hours or development and testing, we want to introduce you to the NEW Rhinohide Armor™ with Armor-Lock™. The difference between this system and all the other systems on the market, is that it's rated for both on and off-road and it also protects against high impact dents. No other system can claim this, so we're calling it the World's Toughest 4x4 Body Armor!!

Why not join the 000's of people who are confidently going where you never thought it possible... fearlessly pushing forward, when others hit the brakes or reverse as the track tightens!

Armor Up with Rhinohide

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