Watch Rhinohide founder Marc Berryman answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Rhinohide Armor® in the video below including.
Can I drive with my Rhinohide Armor® system on the road at highway speeds?+

Absolutely! The new Rhinohide Armor® with our proprietary Armor-Lock® attachment system is road rated up to 120km/hr so you can set and forget and enjoy protection from carparks to the countryside!

Why don’t you make Rhinohide Armor® for all 4x4’s?+

We get asked this question A LOT!

We promise that we are working on it, however design and tooling for a new model is a lengthy process. We’ve done our research, but we’d also like to hear from you.
 Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see us bring out next.

What about existing accessories on my vehicle?+

Given the vast array of 4×4 accessories available, we are unable to manufacture Rhinohide to accommodate every add on. The good news is, Rhinohide can be easily modified by the end user to work with items such as snorkels, aftermarket guards and bump strips (e.g. Landcruiser Sahara or Hilux Rugged X).

Simply mark out and cut the panel with a strong pair of shop shears a Dremel tool or even a hacksaw blade. Additional Armor Lock® assemblies will need to be located at approx. 250mm centres along the edge of any modification.

First make the necessary modification by cutting the panel to suit. Next, mark up locations for the new additional Armor-Lock® fasteners at 250mm centres. The centre of the hole for the Armor Lock® bases will need to be a minimum 30mm in from the new edge that you have just cut. The hole will need to be 20mm in diameter to accommodate the “top washer” of the assembly and is best done with a step drill.

You may be able to re-use some of the Armor Lock® assemblies from the panel piece that you have removed, however it is also likely you will need additional Armor-Lock® assemblies to ensure you have sufficient attachments on the modified panel. Additional Armor Lock® assemblies can be purchased online at the Rhinohide website.

Please note: modifications to the panels are done so at your own risk. Any damage caused to the panels through your modifications will void the warranty of the panel itself if the above instructions are not followed correctly. E.g. if a panel is modified and additional Armor-Lock® assemblies are not placed appropriately along the cut edge.

Can I leave Rhinohide Armor® on my vehicle permanently?+

Yes.The big advantage of the Rhinohide Armor® system is that it can be left on the vehicle full time. The panels do however need to be inspected routinely (monthly if used during normal on-road driving and immediately after an off-road adventure) to ensure debris and materials are not building up in between the Rhinohide panel and the vehicle surface itself. Panels should be disengaged from the vehicle,  inspected and cleaned as required. A common sense approach should be used here.

What are the Rhinohide Armor® panels made of?+

Made from UV stabilised 2mm ABS, Rhinohide Armor® panels are specifically designed to protect your 4x4 against dents and scratches and can be detached and reattached in minutes.  The proprietary Armor Lock® panel mounting system provides additional shock absorption and ensures a small air gap is maintained between the car and Rhinohide Armor®, to allow moisture to escape and your paintwork to “breathe”. The air gap further protects your paintwork and allows the system to absorb larger impacts.

How does Rhinohide Armor® attach to my vehicle and how do I install and remove it?+

To best understand how the Rhinohide Armor® system attaches to the vehicle, please watch our installation video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK65XBvlh4c

Can I retrofit my original magnetic Rhinohide to an Armor-Lock system?+

Sorry, Rhinohide Armor® with Armor-Lock® cannot be retrofitted to the old magnetic panels

Can my Rhinohide Armor® system be customised?+

It sure can, the ABS plastic is very easy to paint and can be paint matched to your vehicle. The panels can also be custom wrapped with graphics or your company logo.

We advise customers to take the panels to a professional to achieve the best possible finish.

How do I clean my Rhinohide Armor®?+

Hot tip– It is A LOT easier to clean the Rhinohide Armor® panels while they are still attached to the vehicle than when they are off the vehicle. Simply spray the external surface of the panels with a normal or high pressure hose and wash with your usual car cleaning detergent (excluding citrus based cleaning products). Rinse when done and leave panel to dry in a shady area before packing back into the carry bag. Do NOT use a high pressure hose on the internal side of the Rhinohide Armor®.