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Watch Rhinohide founder Marc Berryman answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Rhinohide in the video below including:
  • What is Rhinohide? Overview of construction and protection qualities.
  • How to fit Rhinohide panels to your car.
  • Completing modifications to accommodate other aftermarket accessories
  • Demonstrating Rhinohide in action.

FAQS relating to each individual model as well as general FAQS are listed below the video. 

Got a question? Fire away! (But not before reading the below to make sure we haven’t already covered it!)

We get asked this question A LOT!

We promise that we are working on it, however design and tooling for a new model is a lengthy process. We’ve done our research, but we’d also like to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see us bring out next.

Given the vast array of 4×4 accessories available, we are unable to manufacture Rhinohide to accommodate every add on. The good news is, Rhinohide can be easily modified by the end user to work with items such as snorkels, aftermarket guards and bump strips (eg LandCruiser Sahara).

Simply mark out and cut the panel with a dremel tool or even a hacksaw blade. Additional magnets will need to be applied to the panels to ensure the connection to the vehicle remains secure. Rhinohide magnets can be purchased separately online if you are going to modify the panels.

Please note: modifications to the panels are done so at your own risk. Any damage caused to the panels through your modifications will void the warranty applied to the product.

As good as Rhinohide looks, you need to remember that it was not designed to be a permanent fixture on your vehicle.

If you’re heading off on a long trip, we recommend that you remove the panels at the end of each day for a quick wipe down if required. Although unlikely, trapped dirt or moisture could cause damage to your paintwork if left to build up over a period of time.

We also recommend removing Rhinohide in deep or fast moving water crossings.

The Rhinohide panels are made out of ABS plastic (the same stuff used to make hard hats) which have been designed to conform perfectly to your vehicle.

Magic! (or magnets.. ) The Rhinohide panels attach to your vehicle through the use of rare earth neodymium permanent magnets which are some of the strongest magnets in the world. These magnets are strategically placed on the internal surface of each panel which ensures a secure fit to your vehicle. The magnets have three layers of protection to minimise the risk of the magnets scratching your vehicle.

Rhinohide can be installed and removed from your 4×4 within a matter of minutes. Simply remove the Rhinohide panel from the storage bag, align with the corresponding panel of your vehicle and the magnets will firmly attach the protective plate. When you’re finished for the day, simply place your fingers under a perimeter edge of the panel to break the magnetic bond and the panel will come away easily from the vehicle. Too easy.

Watch our online installation tutorial

It sure can, we now offer colour coding on a select range of vehicles.

The ABS plastic is very easy to paint and can be paint matched to your vehicle. The panels can also be custom wrapped with graphics or your company logo.

We advise customers to take the panels to a professional to achieve the best possible finish.

Rhinohide comes complete in an awesome padded carry bag. When not in use, Rhinohide should be stored in the bag, in a cool, dry environment with no heavy objects placed on top as this may cause damage or deformation of the panels.

Before re-packing the Rhinohide panels into the bag, make sure the panels are free of mud, dirt and debris. This stops dirt on the outside of the panel transferring to the internal face which will be against your vehicle the next time you use the Rhinohide product. Not a good combo…

It is best to pack panels with the external side facing down in the bag. Start with the largest panels and then pack in order of size down to the smallest panels. This will ensure a safe and compact fit within the bag.

Hot tip – It is A LOT easier to clean the Rhinohide panels while they are still attached to the vehicle than when they are off the vehicle. Simply spray the external surface of the panels with a normal or high pressure hose and wash with your usual car cleaning detergent. Rinse when done and leave panel to dry in a shady area before packing back into the carry bag.

NOTE: A high pressure hose should not be used on the internal surface of the product as it may cause damage. 

Rhinohide is designed for off-road use to wind speeds up to 80kmph. We recommend placing Rhinohide in the convenient carry bag when driving on the road.

High pressure conditions caused by trucks passing in the opposite direction at speeds (which could result in wind conditions over 200kmph as the truck passes) could cause the panels to dislodge. We therefore encourage our customers to avoid any on road use and no liability is assumed for any use outside of our recommendations. Any on road use is at the customers own risk.