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Choosing the best 4X4 tyre for you

Choosing the best 4X4 tyre for you

12 Apr 2022
Choosing the best 4X4 tyre for you

Anyone with a bit of knowledge about four-wheel driving will tell you that a good set of offroad tyres is one of the first purchases you should make. But what are the best 4x4 tyres for you? What do you need to think about when choosing offroad tyres? The video below offers some insight into the best 4x4 tyre options. But first, here’s a quick rundown of the key points to consider.

The Best 4x4 Tyres Suit Your Situation

The first thing you need to consider when figuring out the best 4x4 tyre for you is what type you’ll need - Highway, All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain tyres. This will depend on what type of driving you’re doing, how long you want them to last and what kind of performance you need. Once you know the trade-offs between each one, you can make a better decision.

Difference Between Highway, All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain Tyres

If you’re doing any kind of real offroading, the tyres which come on your brand new 4x4 won’t cut the mustard for long. These are highway-terrain tyres, designed for the best comfort, economy, and silence on the tarmac. They’re likely cheap and under-equipped for real offroad use.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-Terrain tyres offer a great mix between highway driving and offroad tyre performance. They’re a bit noisier on the road than highway terrain tyres, but will stand up to much more abuse on the tracks and have good grip in mud and sand. Most people who use their car for business, driving around town and offroad will choose these as their best 4x4 tyre.

Mud-Terrain Tyres

Mud-Terrain tyres are for serious offroading in a 4x4 you don’t use a lot for regular driving. They have lots of grip designed for boggy mud, but can be quite noisy and wear quickly on normal roads. Those who spend a lot of time offroad, on unsealed roads, or need the extra traction will choose these.

LT Tyres

Next, you’ll need to think about whether you want a passenger rated or light truck rated tyre. Watch the video to be able to tell the difference and get extra tips into the best 4x4 tyre size for your situation. 

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