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Rhinohide Armor Review with an Expert

Rhinohide Armor Review with an Expert

12 Apr 2022
Rhinohide Armor Review with an Expert

At Rhinohide, we like to put ourselves out there as leaders in the world of 4x4 protection for body panels and paint. Believe us, this can be a scary place to be when you've thrown everything at developing a product. People will inevitably try to find fault with it... but, we think it's a vital step in the development process, keeping you honest and leading to the best possible product.

And so it is, that we handed over the keys to the kingdom to the best people to really put the NEW Rhinohide Armor™ with Armor-Lock™ through its paces.

So sit back and let Richard from Adventure Offroad Training give you a warts and all appraisal of the NEW Rhinohide Armor™

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