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We can't wait to see the new Rhinohide Armor on your rig

We can't wait to see the new Rhinohide Armor on your rig

26 Apr 2023
We can't wait to see the new Rhinohide Armor on your rig

It's fair to say that's been a long wait for the latest Rhinohide Armor vehicle panel & paint protection kits to get here, but we're very excited with the new sets that we've started sending in the last couple of days. We really can't wait to see the pics of your rigs all dressed up in the World's Toughest Vehicle Armor.

We're also incredibly excited to announce the successful crowd-funding launch of the Toyota FJ. It's fair to say that there's not a day that goes by that Rhinohide Founder, Marc, doesn't mention the FJ he sold to buy the Jeep JL Wrangler as the company test vehicle! So, this is one step closer to his vision of owning one again!! Many thanks for all the incredible support. We didn't get all of the models we wanted to over the line, but this doesn't mean we won't try again.

Rhinohide Armor Toyota FJ Cruiser

As you will also see, we have now released a rear windscreen deflector for the LC 200 - no-one want to have to try to replace a windscreen when you're towing a caravan/trailer in the middle of nowhere - so this is the perfect solution.

We have also created 2 x rear tailgate protectors that will make sure that your tailgate doesn't end up with pin dents or paint chips from stones bouncing back off the tailgate. These are already becoming a best-seller, and look out for another vid shortly from Ronny Dahl putting it through its paces!!

Here's a look at one fresh out the box today - order yours today for a mid-September delivery. Available for both the Toyota Hilux 2015+ and Ford Ranger/Raptor 2015+ at this stage. More models coming soon.


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