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Secluded Perth Beach 4WD Adventure

Secluded Perth Beach 4WD Adventure

28 Feb 2020
Secluded Perth Beach 4WD Adventure

Seeking a beach drive close to Perth? This little spot might be just the ticket for a drive, with some evening fishing at your disposal.

First, you gotta get out of Perth. North is the direction in which you should head.

You’re only trekking 101km north along Indian Ocean Drive,

before hanging a left at Greenwood Coast Rd (GPS 31°11.519’S, 115°27.022’E). This is as good a spot as any to let your tyres down; the gravel road doesn’t last long before morphing into sandy tracks.

At GPS 31°11.434’S, 115°25.856’E you come to a bit of an intersection. We opted to bear slightly left here, the right hand turn looks pretty well used though, so if you’re feeling adventurous….

This track to the beach is very open and easy. Any mates that aren’t wearing Rhinohide won’t have an issue along this part. After about 15 minutes you’ll arrive at a small community of shacks. Just head straight down the middle of ‘town’ and hang a right onto the beach. Now might be the time to let more pressure out of the tyres as this stretch of beach is always incredibly soft. Don’t be afraid to drop to 10-12 PSI for lighter vehicles; or 15 PSI for something like a heavy Landcruiser.

Scoot north along the beach until you can’t go any further. You’ll know when this is, as depending on the time of year; you’ll find that the beach is either washed away or the surf is crashing against limestone cliffs. There’s plenty of tracks that run just behind the beach though, so now all you have to worry about is those poor souls who don’t have Rhinohide on their vehicle!

Yup, these tracks are pretty tight and some are seldom used. The rule of thumb though is that the tighter and lesser used the track is; the better

the view at the end will be! On that note too, make sure you lead your convoy responsibly, refrain from driving on the dunes (they are super fragile) and keep to existing tracks. Not only will carving new tracks damage vegetation, but Rhinohide won’t save your tyres and other delicate parts from hidden dangers under the scrub.

If you keep heading north you’ll eventually reach the town of Ledge Point. But I’d strongly suggest stopping at a pristine little fishing spot at GPS 31°10.395’S, 115°23.87 2’E.

There are 3 or 4 spots you can park up for a while. On top of a metre or so limestone cliff, on a tiny section of beach, or behind a small sand dune just out of the wind.

There’s a nice expanse of reef right in front of you, perfect for some fishing or snorkelling.

Places like these so close to Perth which are open to four wheel driving are getting hard to come by. So get out there, enjoy it, and look after it for future generations.

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