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Rhinohide Armor on Destination WA

Rhinohide Armor on Destination WA

26 Apr 2023
Rhinohide Armor on Destination WA

It's great to get the support from the industry after working so hard to create what we believe is the world's best 4x4 protection for your panels and paint. The new Rhinohide Armor system with Armor Locks has really been put through its paces in some Australia's harshest environments, and come out on top. We'd like to thank people like John and the team at Western 4W Driver Magazine and the team at Destination WA for shining a spotlight on our unique product. 

We believe that every new 4WD should come equipped with the kit, so we're working on producing as many new models as we can. Of course this takes time and investment, but it's only with help from friends in the industry that we can let everyone know about this product, and how life-changing it can make the experience of not only 4WD, but also towing a boat, caravan and trailer with its ability to stop dents, stone chips, and scratches.

Watch the Destination WA episode here, to see for yourself how versatile and tough this product is: 

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