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Prevent smashed rear windscreens and protect your rear tailgate from stone chips whilst towing

Prevent smashed rear windscreens and protect your rear tailgate from stone chips whilst towing

26 Apr 2023
Prevent smashed rear windscreens and protect your rear tailgate from stone chips whilst towing

Whilst travelling around Australia it’s not unusual to see some sort of makeshift rear windscreen protection, often in the form of old cardboard boxes held on with tape or some jury-rigged contraption that’s been lovingly manufactured by the driver, but that hardly passes the Australian Standard for safety. 

In any conversation with another traveller about their own experiences whilst towing, it’s fair to say that everyone knows a story of someone getting their rear windscreen smashed or the tailgate badly dented by stone chips in a remote part of Australia only to find out that long replacement wait times are standard, unnecessarily high costs apply and the availability of thee types of parts are a bit of a unicorn. Sure, it’s what brings out the tinkerer in all of us to create the cardboard clone of what used to be our back window or back panel until you can reach civilisation again, but prevention is always better than cure!

Fortunately, there is a far better - and often far cheaper - alternative to the middle-of-nowhere-fix that everyone should install on their 4x4 before deciding to tow anything, particularly on unsealed gravel roads. The team at Rhinohide Armor have custom-designed both rear windscreen and rear tailgate protectors to suit most major 4x4’s to help prevent stone damage caused by bounce-backs when towing a boat, caravan or trailer. The genuine benefits of using a Rhinohide Rear Windscreen & Rear Tailgate Protector include:

  1. Complete Protection: The Rhinohide Rear Windscreen Protector & Rear Tailgate Protector provide a barrier between the rear of the vehicle and any flying debris that may be kicked up by the boat, caravan or trailer being towed. This protection helps to prevent damage to the rear windscreen and tailgate, which can be expensive to repair or replace, that’s if you can event get your hands on one whilst travelling
  1. Durability & Reliability: Rhinohide Rear Windscreen and Tailgate Protectors are made from tough, durable materials that are designed to withstand the rigours of towing and built to survive the harsh Australian climate, providing reliable protection when and where you need it most
  1. Easy to Install: The Rhinohide Rear Windscreen & Tailgate Protectors are easy to install, with no drilling or cutting required. This means that you can have the protector fitted quickly and easily before you start towing. Designed with Rhinohide’s patented Armor-Lock system, the panels can also be easily removed and stored ready for your next trip or left on full-time to provide on-going protection
  1. Perfectly Designed: The Rhinohide Rear Windscreen and Tailgate Protector is perfectly formed to fit your specific 4x4, with a sleek and stylish design that not only complements the shape and style of your vehicle, but offers the perfect protection for all your towing needs

Overall, fitting a Rhinohide Rear Windscreen and Rear Tailgate Protector are a must-have modification to make if you want to protect the rear of your 4x4 from potential damage caused by towing.

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