About Rhinohide

The Rhinohide Story

Nothing should get in the way of a good adventure, especially not the fear of damaging your 4×4 on the road less travelled.

The idea for Rhinohide started over 20 years ago when Marc Berryman scratched the bejesus out of his parent’s brand new 4x4. After getting a major dressing down, Marc figured there had to be a better way.

Why shouldn’t you take those cars off-road when that’s what they’re made for?!

Marc set about making an easy on and off, yet tough body armour that protects your 4x4. Things really stepped up a gear when Marc presented the idea on Shark Tank. It sparked a fierce bidding war to bring Rhinohide to adventure seekers worldwide.

AS Seen On Shark Tank

We’ve come a long way since then, offering options for popular 4x4 models on the market and winning the SEMA’s Global Media Award at the world’s biggest car show in 2019. While the accolades are nice, that’s not why Rhinohide exists.

It’s all about letting thrill seekers hit the tracks, with full confidence to enjoy the ride.

To check out some of the full-tilt adventures Rhinohide users have taken over the years, head to our Instagram.

Or, find a Rhinohide for your 4x4 and start some fearless adventures of your own.