Suitable for ISUZU D-MAX 2021+

Suitable for Isuzu DMAX (**SX, LS-M & LS-U Crew Cabs 2021+) - Rhinohide Armor® Full Kit Black



Rhinohide Armor® is the World’s toughest vehicle panel protection system for use both on and off-road:

  • Australian designed and patented precision moulded Rhinohide Armor® system.
  • Hassle-free self-installation. Suitable for ALL steel, aluminium and composite body panels with no drilling required. 
  • 2mm ABS moulded panels for greater protection on and off-road, from carparks to the country tracks!
  • Tried and tested in Australia's harshest environments and rated up to 120 km/hr on-road.
  • Rhinohide Armor Lock® Suspension Technology prevents damage from heavy brush, branches, stone chips as well as doors and trolleys in car parks.
  • Armor Lock® fastening system with tamper-proof security locking key enables panels to be detached and reattached in minutes.


    Rhinohide Armor® is the World’s toughest vehicle panel protection system for use both on and off-road. The new Rhinohide Armor® system is road rated up to 120km/hr*, so you can set and forget and enjoy protection from the carpark to the countryside!

    Made from UV stabilised 2mm ABS, Rhinohide Armor® panels are specifically designed to protect your 4x4 against dents and scratches and can be detached and reattached in minutes. The proprietary Armor Lock® panel mounting system provides additional shock absorption and ensures a small air gap is maintained between the car and Rhinohide Armor®, to allow moisture to escape and your paintwork to “breathe”. The air gap further protects your paintwork and allows the system to absorb larger impacts.

     Model Compatibility

    • Designed for compatibility with the Isuzu D-MAX 21
    • Model run 2021 onwards.
    • Suitable for SX, LS-M & LS-U Model Variants of the Crew Cab.


    • Black

    Included in Kit

     Rhinohide Armor® Kit Includes:

    • Precision Moulded Rhinohide Armor® Panels (Front Quarter Panels, Front Doors, Rear Doors, Small Rear of Cab Piece, Rear Tub Panels. NB: sides of vehicle only, no rear end protection. Tailgate can be purchased separately.)
    • Proprietary Armor Lock® fastening system
    • Rhinohide Armor® Locking Key
    • Rhinohide Panel Storage Bag
    • Spare Armor Lock® fasteners
    • Rhinohide Armor® pocket multi-Tool
    • Rhinohide Armor® Pads
    • Microfibre cloth
    • Step-by-step installation instructions
    • Warranty Registration Card

        Panel Materials

        • High impact, UV and thermally stabilised ABS plastic.

        Attachment Method

        • Armor Lock® attachment system is suitable for ALL steel, aluminium and composite body panels with no drilling required. This patented system enables hassle-free self-installation and trace-free removal.

        Modification Compatible

        • Rhinohide panels can be trimmed to accommodate after-market accessories including snorkels.
        • For best results, use strong workshop shears or tin snips to cut the ABS plastic panel for desired modification.

        Customisation Compatible

        • Rhinohide Armor® panels are fully customisable, and can be painted or custom wrapped with graphics. Logos or other stickers can be applied.
        • We recommend a professional sign-writer or spray shop for best results.

        Weight (packed)

        • ≈18kgs

        Dimensions (packed)

        • 135cm x 99cm x 20cm

        Speed Rating

        • Rhinohide Armor® is rated up to 120 km/hr* on road
        Ambient Temperature Rating 
        • Temperature Rated for -30C to +40C (*for ambient temperatures above 40C not suitable for on-road use)


        Tech Overview

        Watch Rhinohide founder Marc Berryman answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Rhinohide in the video below including:

        • What is Rhinohide Armor® ? Overview of construction and protection qualities.
        • How to fit Rhinohide Armor® panels to your car.
        • Completing modifications to accommodate other aftermarket accessories
        • Demonstrating Rhinohide Armor® in action.

        Please visit our FAQ page for more answers and customer support contact details.

        Fitting & Care

        Please take the time to read and understand the correct installation and care instructions for your Rhinohide Armor® panels and watch the video below.



        • Failure to correctly install Rhinohide Armor® with Armor Lock® as per the Manufacturer instructions could result in serious damage to the Rhinohide panels and/or vehicle and/or serious injury to others.
        • Failure to comply with the correct installation instructions will void the Rhinohide Armor® warranty.
        • If not correctly installed as per Manufacturer’s instructions, external forces/objects may cause the Rhinohide Armor® panels to detach from the vehicle during use. You must pay particular attention to the minimum clearances required on the leading edges of the doors and wait for 24hrs for the pressure sensitive 3M adhesive on the bases on initial install before driving with the panels on the vehicle.
        • ALL Rhinohide Armor Lock® fasteners must be engaged before any use on or off road.
        • Please note Rhinohide Armor® system is rated for speeds up to 120 km/hr and ambient temperatures between -35C and +40C. Rhinohide Armor® panels should be removed for on-road use when temperatures are above 40C. 


        The following is a brief overview of installation and care, and the full installation manual should read prior to installation. The full installation manual is included in the box and can also be downloaded in the customer care section of our website.

        PREPARATION (Important - Only apply Rhinohide to a clean vehicle)

        Before the initial installation of Rhinohide Armor® on your vehicle, it is important to make sure the vehicle is clean of dirt and debris. We recommend wiping the vehicle surface with isopropyl alcohol to ensure the proper adhesion of the Armor Lock® base plates.

        Any dirt, mud, snow or other environmental contaminants on your vehicle may affect the panel hold force to the vehicle and may also cause scratching to the vehicle’s surface. Your vehicle must be free of this debris before initial installation. 

        We recommend that Rhinohide Armor® is installed on your vehicle prior to any off-road use.

        LEADING EDGE CLEARANCES (Important - install Rhinohide Armor® correctly on your vehicle)

        Rhinohide Armor® has been carefully engineered to fit the vehicle and enable operation of all doors whilst in place on the vehicle.

        It is very important to ensure the leading edge of each Rhinohide Armor® panel has sufficient clearance on the leading edge of the door panel that it is being attached to. This will ensure Rhinohide Armor® does not interfere with the normal operation of the doors. A chart of clearances required for specific vehicle types can be found in the Instruction Manual.

        Failure to allow correct leading edge margin may result in the Rhinohide Armor® panel leading edge rubbing against the vehicle when the doors are opened. Please ensure that you follow the test-fit procedure and align the leading edge correctly. Once the backing plates are installed, they cannot be re-used/moved on the vehicle, and you will need to replace them to ensure correct fitment.



        Inspect your Rhinohide Armor Lock® attachments regularly during use to ensure that they are still in the locked position.

        If you are using Rhinohide Armor® on an extended journey it is imperative that you inspect the panels DAILY to ensure dirt, mud or large debris has not become trapped on the internal surface of the panels.

        Your Rhinohide Armor® kit comes with a microfibre cloth to help brush any debris from the panel if encountered. The microfibre should be used to wipe any excess dirt, mud or large debris off your paintwork and panels before reattaching the Rhinohide Armor® panels.

        REMOVAL OF EXCESS MUD/DIRT/SNOW BUILD UP (Important - Remove excess mud/snow from Rhinohide panels)

        Mud, dirt and snow may collect and build up over time on the Rhinohide Armor® surface. If this is the case, please ensure excess mud, snow and dirt is regularly removed from the Rhinohide Armor® panels.

        Excess build up of mud/snow/dirt will add to the weight of the Rhinohide Armor® panels, and excess mud build up may increase the risk of a snag point for branches and other objects.

        Simply brush off any build up by hand or use a shovel edge if needed to dislodge excessive mud or snow build up on the panels before continuing your journey.

        Tip - Cleaning the Rhinohide Armor® panels on the vehicle is a lot easier than off the vehicle. Simply spray down with a normal pressure hose and wash with your usual car cleaning detergent. Rinse when done and leave panels to dry in a shady area. NB: Citrus based cleaners CANNOT be used on the Rhinohide Armor® product.


        The Rhinohide Armor® system is unique in its ability to be easily installed and removed from the vehicle.

        To take the panels off your vehicle, leaving the bases on the vehicle, simply use the Rhinohide security key to unlock each of the Armor Lock® fasteners, starting at the bottom of the panel first.

        In order to completely remove Rhinohide Armor Lock® bases from your vehicle, please watch the following video:


        Rhinohide Armor® comes complete in a convenient and bespoke storage bag. Although Rhinohide Armor® can be left on your vehicle at all times, there may be times when you need to store it away. If so, it should be stored in a cool dry environment in the Rhinohide bag with no heavy objects placed on the bag.

        Before packing the Rhinohide Armor® panels into the bag, it is a good idea to make sure the panels are free of mud/dirt and debris.

        It is best to pack panels external (plastic) side down in the bag. Start with the largest door panels and then pack in order of size down to the smallest panels. This will ensure a safe and compact fit within the bag.




        We use predominantly TNT and DHL to ship our products to you.

        All shipments are fully insured and you will receive a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your order.

        Surcharges may apply for deliveries to remote and rural locations.


        Due to constantly changing shipping prices, flat rates for international shipments are unavailable at this time. To provide you a more accurate quote, please contact us for a live shipping price.

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        Don’t like the fit, the look, the finish? Don’t worry, return your kit.

        We are confident you will love the look and quality of your Rhinohide Armor® kit as much as we do. However, in the unlikely event you trial fit your Rhinohide Armor® to your car and are not completely happy with the look or fit of the Rhinohide panels, we will refund your initial purchase only (dry run, no adhesive tape protection removed or modifications made and kit remains in saleable condition with all componentry).

        Terms & Conditions

        • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee valid from date of purchase.
        • The Rhinohide Armor® kit must be returned unused. The guarantee is to ensure you are happy with the look, fit and quality of the product. Once used, your Rhinohide Armor® is covered by our 12 month warranty policy below.
        • The product must also be returned in its original packaging, including the complete kit of panels, all componentry, carry bag and the box it came in and be in suitable condition for re-sale (to be determined by Rhino Hide Pty Ltd).
        • Our 30 day money back guarantee covers the original price paid for the product only. 
        • Return of the full Rhinohide Armor® kit as described above, to the Western Australian Rhinohide Warehouse is at the purchaser's own expense.
        • This return policy is only valid for customers who purchase Rhinohide Armor® online directly through the website.
        • We are reasonable people and want a positive experience for all of our customers, even those who decide to return our items within the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee period. Refunds will not be unreasonably withheld, but we do need to inspect the goods prior to issuing a refund.

        Please contact us at for additional information on our return process.



        Rhino Hide Pty Ltd (the manufacturers of the Rhinohide Armor® system) warrants the Rhinohide Armor® system to be free of manufacturer’s defects and will repair or replace the product at its own discretion, for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase.


        • This warranty is not transferrable.
        • The warranty only applies when the Rhinohide Armor® panels have been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and limitations.
        • The warranty does not cover damages or failure resulting from improper use, acts of nature, abuse, alteration, accident, misuse, negligence, or general wear and tear.
        • Please keep the original copy of your receipt as proof of purchase to process a warranty claim. 
        • Defective panels must be returned to Rhinohide at the customer’s expense for assessment. If deemed faulty, Rhino Hide Pty Ltd will cover the cost of shipping the replacement part to the customer within Australian metro centres. Additional shipping fees may be charged for rural areas.


        Rhino Hide Pty Ltd is not liable for damages to other property including the primary vehicle that Rhinohide Armor® is being applied to, caused by defects in its products, loss of use of the product, loss of time, commercial loss or any other damages, whether real, incidental or consequential. 

        The benefits conferred by this warranty are additional to all other conditions, rights and remedies.



        In order to process a warranty claim, please contact us at