The Woodlines track can be travelled beginning at Coolgardie, or Hyden and on this outing we travelled in the latter direction. Whichever way you travel; key waypoints throughout this blog post will ensure you take all the correct turns.

From Hyden, you’ll follow Hyden Norseman Road about 190 kilometres before swinging onto Victoria Rock Road at GPS (-32.014742, 120.762246) then keep an eye out for your turnoff at GPS (31°48’36.73″S, 120°50’1.89″E). You’re now on the fun part!

As long as you carry on following the main track, and head straight through the cross roads at GPS (31°46’23.16″S, 120°54’1.80″E) you’ll be on the right path.

After a while, you’ll come across a very straight looking dirt track. This is what remains of a railway formation which you’ll need to follow north towards Cave Hill

Just around the corner you’ll encounter an obvious rail embankment which you can drive along towards Cave Hill.

Cave Hill is a beautiful stop for lunch or a camp depending on how far you’ve driven. Once you are done here, the area is well signposted for Burra rock. Follow these signs and keep heading north.

Between here and Burra rock, navigation is far simpler and the proper track to follow is very clear. Peeling off the track and exploring small side tracks will often lead you to woodcutters camps full of old relics. Bottles, tins, kerosene cans, even axe heads can be found among the bushes.

You’ll be making a heading for Burra Rock (GPS  31°23’22.13″S, 121°11’55.04″E) where there is excellent camping and even swimming if you’re brave enough!

Heading north from Burra rock will eventually lead you out at Coolgardie via a well graded gravel road. We recommend allowing 3 nights on the Woodlines track. The round trip from Perth is approximately 1300km.